Did you know that the official name for Kitengela Glass or Kitengela Hot Glass as is sometimes referred to, is actually Kitengela Research and Training Trust? Well, now you know!

Most people who visit this place go there for its famous glass products.

My visit however enlightened me on the fact that Kitengela Glass has more to offer than just that.

So why should you make a trip down to Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County, all the way just to visit Kitengela Glass? Key words- Gallery, Pottery, Swimming, Suspended Bridge Thrill, Riding Animals, Sauna, Accommodation.

From the moment you get in to Kitengela Glass, art welcomes you.

Art of different shapes and sizes made out of a variety of recycled raw materials like glass, plastic bottles, bottle tops, metal cans, clay and more.

Here is a quick review of what Kitengela Glass has to offer.


The displays for the gallery are in a ground and upper area (or on ground and 1st floor if you like).

The upper area has got a range of items both decorative and practical pieces. All these can be purchased.

There are also art paintings displayed here by various artists.

These range from small to large sizes, and they are all for sale.

It’s also possible to have your art showcased here. For more details on this contact the management directly through +254727450925 or +254722522246.

Wind chims

Note however that you may be charged for taking photos in the upper Gallery if you are not purchasing anything. At the time of my visit they were charging Kshs 100.

On the ground gallery there is more art showcased, my favourite being ‘art on glass’.

Some of the art on glass canvas
Decorative head trophies



Display of cups in various stages of clay i.e from left to right- bone dry, bisque, glazed, final painted product

If you are a fun of clay products, you will enjoy the pottery section. The potter does demonstrations on how to arrive at the different stages of clay, and you also get to inspect the finished products that can also be purchased.

Some of the finished products


Glass Cups Cutting

Yes! You read that right.

Your glass bottles can be turned into glass cups to be used as utensils. This is not only practical and useful, but also affordable.

How affordable? From Kshs 150 per glass for the service.

And guess what? You don’t even have to have your own glass bottles. For the same price range, you can have glass cups made for you on order using glass bottles sourced by Kitengela Glass personnel.



Kitengela Glass has got a sizeable swimming pool accessible between 8.00am to 5.00pm at a cost of Kshs 500 per person.

The cost is the same whether it’s s child or an adult.



Adjacent to the pool, is a sauna.

It costs Kshs 1,500 to use the sauna.

It however takes some hours for the sauna to be prepared for use. Thus you are advised to book in advance for the same to be readied for you.


Suspended Bridge

Have a practice on overcoming your fear of heights by crossing the suspended bridge at Kitengela Glass. As at the time of my visit, it cost Kshs 150/- per person.

Instagram post


Animal Farm

Lucky the male horse

Kitengela Glass offers non-professional horse riding from Kshs 500 per person.

A camel ride costs from Kshs 300 per person.

Donkey rides are also permitted at a cost from Kshs 300 per person.

Apart from the above listed animals, you may come across other domestic animals including cows, and chicken, during your visit to Kitengela Glass.

The tortoises are kept near the gallery. The best time to get some action from the tortoises, as was seen from my visit, is during feeding time.



It goes without saying that the cottages here have a unique exterior appearance especially in regards to shape, color and decor.

The charges for the cottages range from Kshs 6,000 to Kshs 12,500 per two people sharing per night. Any extra person pays Kshs 2,000. This cost caters for accommodation, swimming charges, and suspended bridge crossing charges.

Check in is at 11.00 am and check out is set between 10.00am to 12.00 noon depending on whether there are other guests coming in after your exit.




With a few coins and time, one can learn how to create most of the pieces displayed in Kitengela Glass. Here training is offered in pottery, mosaic, glass blowing, beading, stain glass making, and dalle de verre. For information on the cost, kindly contact management directly.


~Nani’s Dogs

Nani (the founder) has several dogs of different sizes that reside with her at Kitengela Glass. In case at the time of your visit you bump into the dogs, you are advised not to scream or run. Generally speaking it is highly unlikely any harm will come your way as a result of the said dogs. But a heads up of their presence before visiting doesn’t hurt especially due to their number, and also for those who fear dogs.


~Leleshwa Getaway

Towards Leleshwa Getaway

Another fun joint to visit known as Leleshwa Getaway is located about 200 metres from Kitengela Glass. There you can quench your thirst with either alcoholic or none alcoholic drinks, or have your feel on variety of vegetarian or meat dishes in a serene environment.

Read more about Leleshwa Getaway here.


~Working Hours

Kitengela glass is open both on weekdays and weekends from 8.00am to 5.00pm.





~How To Get There

As already informed Kitengela Glass is just a walking distance from Leleshwa Getaway. Therefore the means of transport to Leleshwa will suffice if heading to Kitengela Glass. This has been extensively covered in our post on Leleshwa Getaway. Read all about it here.


Hope this was helpful.

Safe travels trippers!

10 thoughts on “KITENGELA GLASS

  1. What a wonderful article about Nani’s Kitengela Glass! I am currently there from Canada helping Nani. I do have to correct you on one aspect and that is Nani’s Kitengela Glass is separate from Kitengela Hot Glass, which is a neighbor. Also you will be happy to hear we are no longer charging for photos, especially to awesome bloggers like you :).
    You were so through that there isn’t much you missed but just in case your readers want more info the web site is and make sure you drop by the FB page and follow us there: @KitengelaGlass
    Thanks again for your wonderful article and come back soon, maybe stay in a cottage?

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  2. Hi there. Just to be clear – you were reviewing the Kitengela Glass Research and Training Trust. We (Kitengela Hot Glass) are a separate company next door ( The brand name ‘Kitengela Glass’ actually refers to and belongs to us. Hope that helps a potentially confusing situation.


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