Whenever there is a discussion about places to hangout in Ongata Rongai (specifically Maasai Lodge Area) in Kenya, what mostly pops up is the likes of AIC Diguna High Ropes, Rolf’s Place and Maasai Lodge Hotel.

Well, there is a ‘new kid on the block’. Or should I say ‘new bull’.

Introducing, Olarro Hotel, By Smith.

Olarro is the Maasai word for ‘bull’. This hotel has got a befitting life size bull statue at the entrance to match its name.

I came across this beauty by chance, and my oh my, was I impressed.

First thing you notice when you walk in (apart from the ‘bull’ of course) is the ample parking space.

Entrance to Olarro Hotel
Parking area

So if you are planning to show up with your own wheels, they got you covered. No fussing about parking.

This hotel also did not shy from ensuring there is generous lounging/seating area spread out the various sections of the hotel, i.e indoors, outdoors and even semi indoor.

This facility is thus capable of hosting large groups at a go. For instance, at the time of my visit, there was a ‘chama’ function, and 2 birthday parties ongoing but in no way did those functions interfere with the rest of us ‘walk in clients’.



Swimming pool-

Fancy swimming? Olarro Hotel got you covered with their sizeable swimming pool.

The pool is open to the public for use from 8.00am to 6.00pm daily. Thereafter the swimming pool fountain is switched on for the evening and night.See Instagram Video

As of July 2019, the charges for swimming was Kshs 350 for either an adult or a child.

Night view of swimming pool

I always prefer facilities with swimming pools on my vacations or staycations, so naturally this was the first thing that really spiked my interest, so much that within 2 minutes of being in this premises I already knew whats there to know about the pool.



Foodies, you are not forgotten.

From impressive choices off the menu, to a buffet option of your liking, the selection is yours.

Drumsticks served with chips and barbeque sauce

Olarro Hotel Menu has got a range of alternatives on breakfast, starters, salads, bitings, snacks, main dishes including vegetarian options, kids meal options, dessert among others.

Buffet is offered in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages at Kshs 1,000, Kshs 1350, Kshs 1500, and Kshs 2,500 respectively. Apparently the Silver and Gold packages are the most sought after. Check out the bronze, silver and platinum package details below.

You can hold your parties here (birthdays, baby showers, ‘chamas’ etc) and have the hotel provide food on buffet basis. FYI there are no charges for using the facility, you just have to pay for the package you select.



Residents’ mini bar
Main bar/pub

The widely stocked bar/pub probably has got ‘your poison’ to enjoy. These includes local and international beers (@ Kshs 230 and Kshs 260 respectively), ciders, whiskeys, brandy, vodca, gin, rum, tequila, liqueurs, cocktails, and wines, you name it.

Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, such as energy drinks, sodas, Alvaro, juices and what have you. Prices range from Kshs 100 to Kshs 430.


Bouncing Castle-

There is also something for the tots.

If you decide to bring kids along on your visit to this serene locale, the bouncing castle is available during the day on weekends for their amusement.

Note that this is available only on weekends from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

At a cost of Kshs 200, a child gets to have their face painted and play on the bouncing castle to their fill.


Conference facilities

Team ‘grind don’t stop’ aka ‘traveling for work’, this facility may be of interest to you too, more so in the near future.

As of July 2019, 1 conference room was ready for use.

The hotel will provide you with the items necessary for your meeting such as projector, food etc.

For more information you can contact Olarro Hotel directly through telephone number +254705625356 or through http://www.olarrohotel.com


Coming soon-

Accommodation rooms
More conference rooms
Meeting rooms



Google Maps

Country – Kenya
County- Kajiado County
Sub County – Ongata Rongai
Road- Maasai Lodge Road



Public transport-

If you are beginning your journey from Nairobi CBD via public means, board Rongai matatus at either Agip Stage or Railways stage and alight at Maasai Lodge stage. It costs approximately Kshs 100.

At Maasai Lodge stage, you will see tuktuks (auto rickshaws) plying the route to Tuala. Board one at Kshs 30 and alight at AIC Diguna, which is where the tuktuks branch to continue the journey to Tuala.

While at AIC Diguna gate, one can see the Olarro Hotel sign. It’s less than a minute walk from there to Olarro.

View from AIC Diguna entrance

There is also the option of boarding a bodaboda (motor cycle) at Maasai Lodge Stage, which will take you straight to the hotel albeit at slightly higher cost compared to the tuktuks.

Alternative means-

You may also elect to use an Uber/Taxify or Self-drive. In this case Google maps will be of great assistance.



Weekdays- 6.30am till late

Weekends- 6.30am till late

It is the facilities policy that as long as there are customers being served and having a good time, the facility will be open for their use.

We were however notified that soon the facility will be operational 24hrs once the accommodation rooms are ready for occupation.

I hope this is of use to you trippers.

Safe travels!


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  1. . You deserve to be paid by the Hotel for this wonderful and articulate advertisement in your blog. Looking forward to reading your next
    adventures. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Wow!wonderful marketification of Olarro hotel hope they are aware of good job being done by slychronicles commendable work.

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  3. i totally agree @olarro Hotel
    she has really given detailed information about the hotel.

    Kudos Sly

    Excited to visit the place already.

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