Walking with wild animals!

If the sound of that excites you, why not make it a reality by visiting Crescent Island Game Sanctuary down at Naivasha, Kenya.

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary is actually a peninsula that is surrounded by Lake Naivasha. It boasts great views of nature, including that of Mt Longonot.

A number of wild animals call this place home including giraffes, waterbucks, zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles. You are also most likely to spot a flock of birds especially on Lake Naivasha, such as pelicans during your visit.


It is among the few destinations in the Kenya that offer the unique opportunity to stroll among ‘the wild’.

Giraffes feeding

Instagram Video

FYI you don’t have to worry about turning into prey when walking around the Game Sanctuary as there are no carnivorous animals living here.


The stunning view of Lake Naivasha from different angles of the Island is a sight to behold.

Lake Naivasha

Another thing offered at the Island apart from wildlife viewing is boat rides. These may include a ride to where the hippos relax so you can feast your eyes on them in their natural habitat.

Be careful though as the helmsmen tend to quote quite high fees for the boat rides. Ensure to exercise your negotiation skills to ensure you get a fair price worth the services offered.

Boat ride starting point
Waterbucks without horns






By Lake– Boat ride on Lake Naivasha

There are various points where you could secure a boat ride on Lake Naivasha to Crescent Island, including through some of the hotels that are situated along Moi South Lake Road.

During our inquiry, we found this mode to be relatively more expensive compared to the access through land by passing through Sanctuary Farm. For instance, there is boat ride services being offered right next to Sanctuary Farm, separated just by a fence. We were given a quote of Kshs 3,000 per person for a boat ride to Crescent Island.

Kindly note that entry fees to the Crescent Island are payable whether you access it by road or by lake.


By road– Through Sanctuary Farm.

Crescent Island can be accessed by road if you go through Sanctuary Farm which is located along Moi South Lake Road.

Entry fee for Sanctuary farm is paid at the entrance before being allowed to pass through. At the time of our visit, the entry fee was: Kshs 100 per person ; Kshs 300 per car; Kshs 400 per minibus; and Kshs 600 per bus/truck. The per person charge is for when you come in on foot. If you come on wheels, charges are per the type of wheels and not per person.

Note that it is quite a distance from the entrance point of Sanctuary Farm to the entrance point of Crescent Island. Therefore it is advisable that you drive through the Sanctuary Farm.

You are bound to be met by the pleasant sight of wild animals (similar to those in Crescent Island but in lesser numbers) grazing, walking about, or just relaxing around as you drive through Sanctuary Farm. Be careful though not to knock them down as they roam freely including on the road. I call the experience in Sanctuary Farm the show before THE SHOW!



The official entry fees to Crescent Island Game Sanctuary at the time of my visit is as follows;



Shoes– Avoid making the same mistake as us by wearing open shoes to Crescent Island.

There is a lot of walking involved as you go about your stroll in the Game Sanctuary, therefore proper shoes is paramount. This is more so since there are small thorns all over the Sanctuary that poke on your shoes as you go about. You don’t really notice them unless they poke you or if you look under your shoe sole if they cant pierce through to reach your feet. Therefore, closed shoes with a good sole is preferable.

We spent much energy and time trying to ensure that we were not pricked by the little thorns, small branches, or thickets.

Safety– Be careful while walking at the edge of the Sanctuary as you may come across hippos. For your safety ensure to keep a good distance from them as they can be dangerous.

Also common sense dictates that the rest of the animals in the Sanctuary are still wild animals, so avoid agitating them. But generally the animals would not allow you to get so close to them as they move away the more you approach them.

Generally it can be said that it is safe to walk around the Crescent Island.


Hope this is helpful. Safe travels trippers!


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