Road trip lovers, do I have a treat for you or what.

Need a place where you can have a road trip experience, and have some quality time away from the commotion of the city, all in a days time? Think Leleshwa Getaway.

Front view

Leleshwa Getaway is located in Kajiado County, a few metres from the well known Maasai Lodge Hotel. It is just a short distance from the small town called Tuala.

This is a true ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ kind of spot. Why?

Back view

Because it is a 35 minute drive from the junction of Maasai Lodge road and Magadi Road, on part tarmac and part dirt road, but it is all worth it as you shall see below.

So what to expect once in Leleshwa Getaway?


‘Wine and Dine’

Fellow foodies will find this joint to be of interest.

From ‘carnivorous’ food to vegetarian dishes. From main dishes, to snacks, to deserts.

Wet fry goat meat

Not forgetting the beloved salads to go with your main dishes.

Kachumbari. You have a choice of having it with or without pepper

But I must say, a look at the food menu conveys the message that specialty of this joint is meat dishes.

Information from management is that ostrich meat is also served in this location at Kshs 1,800 and Kshs 900 per kilogram and half a kilogram respectively. It may just be your lucky day, if you are in to that sought of meat.

I must say that when it comes to soft drinks and beers, Leleshwa Getaway has one of the most affordable prices in the area. Liqueurs, whiskey and brandy among others are also offered at this joint.

Wine is also sold here from as low as Kshs 300 to Kshs 2,200. These range from a collection of white, red, rose, and sparkling wines.

Enough seating area is provided in various sections of Leleshwa, where you can relax when indulging your pallets with food and drinks.

Seating area indoors on ground floor
Seating area upstairs on the balcony
Seating area at the garden


Kiddies Corner

Don’t leave behind your little ones when visiting this location, as there is enough to keep them busy and entertained.

Kids park with bouncing castle,.monkey bar, trampoline and swings

There is a sizeable bouncing castle, a trampoline with a decent holding capacity, a monkey bar/climb and swings.

If that is not enough, there is room for the children to run around and just be kids at the kids park.

Charges for all these you ask? Absolutely free.



At a cost of Kshs 500 per person for 30 minutes, you can enjoy archery at the fenced off area adjacent to the seating area in the garden.


Conference Facilities

In the event you want to use the conference facilities for Leleshwa, you will be charged Kshs 2,500 per person on full day package and Kshs 2,000 on half day package.

Similar charges apply for team building.

The charges are basically for food per person, since the use of the grounds/conference facilities is free.

Information from management is Leleshwa has 3 conference rooms with two having a capacity of 30 people, and one capable of accommodating 70 people.

We didn’t get to experience this first hand, so if you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact management directly through telephone number 0722528749.


What you will also see/notice on your visit:


There is ample parking provided for at the front side of this joint at no fee. This is accessible right after entering the main gate.

Parking area



If there is something Leleshwa clearly does well in diverse ways, is expression through art. This is evident in the different sections of this joint.

Immediately you enter the indoor seating area on ground floor, among other things, you will notice the captivating art displayed on the walls.

Some of the art displayed on ground floor

Who would have thought to exhibit some form of sabaton and humongous boots as decorations in an establishment. These are both unexpected and conversation starters for sure.

Eye catching boot sculptures displayed at the terrace behind the establishment

And would you look at that. Glass art through furniture. What beautiful displays.

Glass art through furniture

NB: If interested in glass art, make sure to check out Kitengela Glass.

From main stream to unique display of flower/plant arrangement, Leleshwa does justice. Check out some of the displays below.

Creative plants/flowers displays

Also check out these sculptures.

Random sculpture photos



Want to take photos with attractive background, the gardens are here at your service. Just click away, and enjoy.

Tortoise garden
More ‘lounging’ ground
Garden adjacent to the Kids park

The gardens are also open to all for relaxation/lounging.


Piece of History

Take a trip down memory lane with this display of once used public phone booth.

Works for a nice photo shoot spot, don’t you think?.

Public Phonebooth used in Kenya in the 90s and early 2000s


SGR View

Guess what? You can actually see the SGR while at Leleshwa. The best view is at the balcony upstairs.

The view of the SGR from the balcony



Google Maps




Uber/Taxify etc

Self Drive– Google Maps will be of great help if you have not been to this location, for this option.

Public means– If you are starting your journey from Nairobi CBD, board a Matatu (public transport minibus) at Railways stage that ply the route to Rongai through Magadi road. Alight at Maasai Lodge Stage.

At Maasai Lodge Stage, you have the option of either boarding a taxi that are readily available, or request the likes of Uber/Taxify.

The taxis charge approximately Kshs 80 per person from the said stage to Tuala. Maximum capacity for the taxis is 4 people. At Tuala one can board a bodaboda (motor cycle) to Leleshwa at approximately Kshs 100.

You also have the option of boarding a taxi at Maasai Lodge stage for the whole journey to Leleshwa, at approximately Kshs 600, whether as a lone traveler or up to maximum capacity number of travelers.

The cost for Uber/Taxify and the likes from Maasai Lodge stage to Leleshwa Getaway may be slightly cheaper than the taxis, so you may want to check on that before picking your means of transport. The choice is yours anyways.

In choosing your means of transport, kindly keep in mind that the the road to Leleshwa from Maasai Lodge stage is part tarmac at first then the rest is a dirt road, almost half the journey.



Opening Hours– This establishment operates from 10.00am to 10.00pm on weekdays and from 10.00am to when the last customer leaves on weekends.

Safety– Word from the locals is that sometimes wild animals from the nearby Nairobi National Park may roam in the areas around Leleshwa during wee hours, and may block your path. Ensure to be weary of this eventuality for your safety sake.

Warm Clothing– Kindly note that if you intend to stay at this location till late evening/night time, it is wise to carry warm clothing (jackets, scarfs etc) as it gets relatively chilly as time progresses.

Transport– Note that it is not the norm for public vehicles or other public means of transport to ply the route up to Leleshwa Getaway. Also as the night progresses, it becomes harder to secure a ride back to the city. Therefore, do notify management in advance if you will require a taxi and at what time so that one can be on standby for you.

Other activities About 200 meters from Leleshwa Getaway, is another interesting joint called Kitengela Glass. There are several other activities that you can enjoy there, if you like, on the same day you visit Leleshwa. These includes horse riding, swimming, shopping, animal watching among others. Read about this and more here.

Safe travels trippers!

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  1. I usually enjoy reading your posts however,I have developed interest on this one hope one day I shall find my way there. Leleshwa Gataway

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