Olepolos Country Club is a hangout joint located along Magadi Road in Kajiado County, Kenya. It is widely known for its ‘nyama choma’ (grilled meat), though it has more to offer as witnessed on my visit.

It is an ideal day getaway location far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For road trip junkies, the drive to Olepolos can be a memorable experience in itself.

Below is an overview of what to expect on your visit to this destination.

Olepolos Road Trip Video


Food Section

It just feels right to start at the food section in honor of what this joint is well known for.

Butchery/Food Joint

At the butchery, you get to choose the cut of beef/meat that you would like to consume and how it should be cooked.

There are also other foodstuff provided such as chicken, mutura (African sausage), vegetables, tea/coffee and what have you.

Below is a list of some of these foodstuff and their cost as at the time of my visit (July 2019).

The preparation period especially for the meat is between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the cut of beef you choose.

You are issued with a receipt after making and paying for your order. After the preparation period lapses, you should hand the receipt to a waiter so that they can bring your food to you.



We did come across a pub in one of the semi indoors seating areas that served both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.


It is fairly stoked so they might just have ‘your poison’ for you to enjoy. These include whiskeys, energy drinks, champagne, and wines.


Topography/Serene Environment

The ambience in Olepolos had this serene effect best for relaxation on a getaway. The surroundings were also impressive to look at.

View from the bar/pub

The view of the topography from the pub is as stunning as from other sections of the Club.

Random photo in the club
Path towards the swimming pool
Random photo in the club
Amazing view of the sun in the evening



If you have read my earlier posts like Olarro Hotel , you know how I feel about swimming pools.

Swimming pool

The pool itself is sizeable. The cost for swimming per adult is Kshs 350.

The Olepolos swimming pool is by far among pools with the most interesting view of nature. Definitely will be taking a dip here on my next visit.

There is also something for the tots. The little pool right beside the main swimming pool can be used by the little ones.

Baby Pool

Children are charged Kshs 250 per child to swim in Olepolos.

Note that the swimming pool is open for use from 8.00am to 6.30pm daily.

Also if you are a group of 10 and above swimmers, you can get a discount on the cost of swimming.



On your visit you will notice a unique aspect of Olepolos- A Maasai group that entertains guests at their tables with Maasai chants, songs and dance.

The Maasai Group entertaining guests at their table

This crew got visitors of all ages and sizes trying out the Maasai adamu (jumping dance) and neck movement dance. The adamu was particularly the favorite as it got the crowds cracking up at the funny attempts by guests trying to imitate the jumps.

Maasai adamu in progress

You are likely to receive a visit at your table from this Maasai dancers if you visit Olepolos on a weekend between 12.00 noon and 5.00pm.

This group can also entertain you on a weekday at your own cost. Do liaise with the management directly for more information on telephone number 0714032122 or email them at Olepolos.nyama@gmail.com.

Instagram Videos/Photos



Parking area closest to the entrance

Parking space is adequate and capable of accommodating many vehicles at a time. Therefore there is no reason to shy away from coming with your own wheels.

NB: The club does not charge entrance fee or parking fee.


Seating Area

Some of the seating structures spread out in various spots of the club

There is ample seating area around the Club in all kinds of designs both outdoors and semi indoors to suit a wide range of preferences by guests.

Seating areas under trees
Semi indoor structures with more seating areas



The rates for accomodation in Olepolos range from Kshs 4,000 to Kshs 12,000 depending on the type of room and package.

We didn’t get to experience this first hand as we were there for a day visit.

Therefore for more information on accomodation kindly contact Olepolos management directly.





Okay. So while at Olepolos, you will come across the above post on corkage/picnic charges.

In my opinion, the publicly displayed charges for bringing in drinks and food from outside to Olepolos are meant to discourage just that.

It makes sense as they are running a business. This is actually not a new policy as it is implemented in some food establishment in Kenya. Other establishments prefer simply banning food and drinks from outside.

Birthday cakes are however allowed at Olepolos at no cost. They also offer storage/ refrigeration for you till the time for cutting the cake to avoid it melting/spoiling.

So if you are planning to celebrate your birthday at Olepolos, carry your cake with pride. No questions asked.


Means of transport-

Ensure you have a means of transport when you visit to ensure you can easily leave at your pleasure. This is especially important since there is no public transport accessible as a norm right from Olepolos.

One of my travel buddies for this trip informed us that on his previous visit with other friends, they stayed late into the night in Olepolos. They became stranded when it was time to leave, and had to call someone who resides in Rongai (a town about 40 minutes away) via telephone to hire a Matatu (minibuses used for public transport) to pick them from Olepolos.

Well, not everyone is acquainted with a resident of towns near Olepolos, so make prior arrangements. Or better yet, come with ‘your own’ wheels.


Warm clothing

If you are planning to stay here late into the evening/night, it is wise to carry with you some warm clothing (coats, jackets, shawls etc) as it gets somewhat chilly in the evening and night.



Olepolos Country Club does not provide music.

However, it does allow visitors to play their own music at a moderate volume. During our visit we noticed visitors playing music from their parked cars, or phones either directly or connected to Bluetooth wireless speakers.

A speaker is also available for hire from the Olepolos management at Kshs 3,000 from the time of arrival to the time of departure if you so wish.

However, if you want to enjoy nature in silence, trust me, the club is big enough to find a secluded area where you don’t get to hear the other guests music. So don’t worry. They got you covered.


Group travel

I have always maintained that traveling in a group has its perks. The road trip to Olepolos Country Club proved me right on this point. The experience while in Olepolos was also more fun and exciting for me with my travel group.

But then again, there is completely nothing wrong with solo traveling. Your trip, your rules. You go do your thing.




Google Maps




Self drive


Hire a Matatu– A choice if you are a large group.

Public transport If you are starting your journey from Nairobi CBD, you should board Matatus heading to Rongai-Kiserian at the Railways Stage in town. The charge is around Kshs 100.

Alight at Kiserian and board Probox plying the route to Kisamis and inform them you want to go to Olepolos Country Club. It will cost you around Kshs 100 from Kiserian to Olepolos.



Information from the management of Olepolos Country Club states that the club is open both on weekdays and weekends though at the entrance, there is a board indicating the Club is open only on weekends and public holidays.

Olepolos is open from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily.

It is however advisable to visit this joint from 6.00pm on weekdays rather than earlier for day visitors.

On weekends fill free to drop in at any time during the operating hours.


I hope this was helpful trippers.

Safe travels!



  1. Thankyou Tripper for your warm thoughts.
    I do this to help other trippers get information that I personally would have wanted to find before visiting such a place all under one roof to make traveling somewhat smoother.
    It would be amazing to hear that a fellow tripper found this this article useful and actually visit this serene joint.


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